Minecraft Server Status

Members-Only Servers

Status Server Version Players Max Players
Online Vanilla 19w11b 0 10
Offline StoneBlock2 - - -

How to Join

Join and be active on our Discord Server. There is currently no application process, so we just need to get to know you.

The servers are also open to subscribers on our GameWisp.

Community Modpacks

Rewards Lite Modpack

This is a modpack created by Vain474 for the Rewards Gaming Community.

In this pack you will find a small collection of mods focused on enhancing the vanilla minecraft experience without straying too far from it. This pack was created with compatibility in mind for Optifine and shaders (highly recommended!).

In your worlds you will find many structures and dungeons to explore. There is also the chance to find almost any vanilla mob in the vanilla dungeon spawners.

More info on curseforge here